Thursday, November 6, 2014

Good Enough

When I was in high school youth group a phrase that was repeated often was "If better is possible, then good is not enough."  I loved this saying.  I took it to heart.  Maybe a little too much.

I am your stereotypical type-A perfectionist and this phrase really resonated with me.  If I'm going to do something, I never give less than 100%.  If something can be done "better" then that's how I'm going to do it.  But since becoming a mom four years ago, I have discovered this is a phrase I actually need to let go of. 

In the age of facebook and pinterest, it is easy to think that everyone else has it all together.  Beautiful pictures of delicious, home cooked meals, posts about how well siblings are playing together, children doing nice craft projects to send to their grandparents.  The pressure to be perfect is everywhere.  I dived in to motherhood head first.  I wanted to be perfect.  I wanted to make delicious meals for my family every night, do wonderful crafts with my children, play games and do fun learning activities, take them to regular playdates, and do it all while looking cute and stylish. 

After four years of being a mom, I have finally come to the conclusion that that's not possible.  I can't do it all.  I don't know who I've been trying to impress all this time.  I'm learning that good is enough.  I still want to give 100%.  But that doesn't mean I have to do it all.  It's okay if most days we stay in our pajamas.  It's okay if all we do all day is play trains.  It's okay if we're eating chicken nuggets for dinner.  Again.  I don't have to be perfect.  No one has ever asked perfection of me.  I just have to be who I was created to be.  I have to be the wife, the mom, the daughter, the friend that the Lord has made me to be.  That means failing in some areas.  That means settling for good when better is possible. 

Because better is always possible.  And if I'm always chasing after better I will never be content.  I will always be running, always tired, always chasing after something I won't be able to achieve.  Because someone will always be a better homeschooler than me.  Someone will always be a better cook than me.  Someone will always be more thoughtful, have more time.  And if I'm chasing after better I'm going to miss what is right here in front of me.  I'm going to miss my little boys growing up.  I will miss the way my middle son's face lights up when he hears "If You're Happy and You Know It" or my oldest asking me for one more "squirt hug" because "I love you and I have to show you."  I'll miss the way my youngest looks at me and smiles with his whole body.  And all of that is so much better.  That's the better I want to chase after. 

I'm tired of running.  Tired of trying to be better.  I'm ready to stop and accept good.  It's not going to be easy.  And that doesn't mean that I won't be doing new activities with my children or trying new recipes.  It just means that I'm going to give myself a break and enjoy the life that I have without worrying about how I can be doing better.  What about you?  Are you tired of trying to be better?  Won't you join me and enjoy this life.  Let's accept good enough together.